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Magnesium Block

Magnesium Block

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Never Slip Away From The Pull Up Bar

Increase your grip and prevent slipping with our Magnesium Powder Block. Ideal for intense workouts and rock climbing, our gym chalk provides a secure hold and improves performance. Made with pure magnesium carbonate, it's free of fillers and reduces the risk of injury.

Removes hand moisture: Our Magnesium Powder Block is designed with a special formulation to remove hand moisture effectively. With our product, you can say goodbye to slipperiness and maintain a firm grip.

Reduces Friction Burns: Magnesium Powder Block is an innovative and scientifically proven solution that is designed to reduce friction burns on hands. With its specialized formulation, this product can provide relief for athletes and active individuals who frequently experience irritation and discomfort from repetitive movements. Whether you're a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, Magnesium Powder Block can help enhance your performance and protect your skin from friction burns.

Must Have In The Gym: Maximize your workout with the must-have product for gym enthusiasts. Packed with high-quality magnesium powder, this is the perfect to support your fitness goals.

Safe to use: Formulated with high-quality magnesium, our Magnesium Powder Block is designed to be safe for daily use.

Absorbs: Made from 100% pure magnesium, this powder block effectively absorbs sweat and moisture to give you a better grip on the bar.

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